Fin (Singing California, #48)

The crowd at The Distillery, a place where Dave used to go for drinks after work, was small and uninspiring. A few of our friends showed up to hang out, cheer me on, and see their friend who’d been gone not quite a year. I was more excited and anxious than I thought I would be, nervous that somehow my name wouldn’t get called and I wouldn’t get to sing and my quest would not be completed. But my name did get called and I did sing. My quest was completed. I felt a small rush of disbelief, which quickly faded into nothing, perhaps a sense of normalcy. I sang one more song that evening, but really the night was just about hanging out in a bar with friends. We left when I was only two songs away of being called up a third time, but I was done singing for the night. It was time to move on.

The basics:

  • Location: The Distillery, Sacramento, CA
  • Miles traveled: 621
  • Songs sung: Don’t Get Me Wrong (The Pretenders), Last Dance (Donna Summer)