Who am I? What am I doing?

One day a colleague of mine asked me when I felt happiest; without hesitation, I replied “When I’m singing.” I love singing in the car, in the shower, in musicals, while walking down the street. Most of all, though, I love to sing karaoke.¬†For years, it has been my goal to karaoke in all 50 states. To date, I’ve sung in 21, plus D.C., two Canadian provinces and five other countries.

Now, I’m just going for it — knocking out most of my goal in one amazing trip. For the next four months (give or take), I’m going to drive around the country and sing in the 48 contiguous. My starting point is my hometown of Portland, OR and California will be the honorable #48. Alaska and Hawaii — I’ll be gunning for you sooner rather than later. My route will be inspired by The Optimal Road Trip Across America, except instead of visiting National Landmarks, I, of course, will be hitting at least 48¬†karaoke establishments.

For the most part, this will be a solo journey, though I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting others along the way. Some have said that they want to join me along the way; we’ll see if that happens.

I’ve always enjoyed the vibe in karaoke bars. I see them as an interesting slice of Americana even though karaoke clearly has its origins in Asia and remains a stronger component of cultures there (I’ve sung in China, South Korea and Vietnam). To me, this trip will not only be about my singing, but the whole experience of sharing music and fun with others.

This blog will document my journey. The places I visit, the experience of driving across the country. I’ll record the songs I sing, and share stories of those I meet. I’ll also write about being on the road.

Thanks for joining me!