You do what you gotta do (Singing Maryland, #28)

Some nights aren’t really meant for singing, but I gotta do it because that’s what the schedule dictates. Earlier that evening, Dave and I met his long-time friends at a brew pub. It had been ten years since they’d connected and they had a lot of stories to share and times to remember; most of them were pretty raunchy. Then karaoke duty called us away as the couple drove an hour back to their house where their two kids were waiting. I was sad to see that part of the evening end, and hope it isn’t another ten years before their paths cross again.

The karaoke place smelled like fish, which made sense since it was in the back of a seafood restaurant — but still, it was over powering. The formal dining area was closed by the time we got there; we made our way to the back bar where the show was already underway. A woman wearing a college LAX hoodie and holding a Bud Light Lime was singing Black Velvet while Dave ordered a Yuengling, his go-to beer on the east coast. I settled for a club soda and lime. There was horse racing on the television. I sing a song and turn to Dave – we agree we’d rather be in the hotel room watching the Olympics. Over and out!

The basics:

  • Location: Callahan’s Seafood & Lounge, Frederick, MD
  • Miles traveled: 65
  • Songs sung: Something to Talk About (Bonnie Raitt)
I wuz here (for 10 minutes).

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